Coatec India was established in the year 1992 as a Teflon coating service provider by the coming together of Mr. V K Goel, Management Consultant, Raj Kumar Dhiman, Maintenance professional and Mr. Gurvin Singh, Mechanical Engineer. In other words Teflon coating was the first service provided by Coatec India. In January 2001, the pilot plant for Cathodic Electro Deposited (CED) Coating was commissioned successfully. In the same year India's first small commercially viable CED coating system was supplied to Messrs' Auto Ignition Limited, Faridabad. This marked the first transformational step of Coatec India into an Equipment Supplier. Coatec India went on to design, manufacture and supply India's then largest CED coating plant in JOBWORK segment for Integrated Engineers, Pune with a tank capacity of 27000 litres in 2006. This was superseded in the year 2009 with the supply of a 43000 litres plant to Renuka Auto Components Private Limited, Pune. In the year 2008, we commissioned the complete CED paint shop for Jost Auto Components Private Limited, Jamshedpur. This was an end to end fully automatic, SCADA controlled, pre-treatment, Ecoat, transfer conveyor, baking oven and cooling conveyor complete with utilities on a turnkey basis. This was also a landmark as it was Jamshedpur as well as Jharkhand's first 100% foreign direct investment in automotive sector. In the year 2010, Coatec India, executed the complete paint shop for Kartar Agro Industries Private Limited, Bhadson with the supply of 11 tank pre-treatment, dry off oven, liquid spray painting booth with filtered air replacement unit, flash off zone and baking oven for farm equipment like combine harvester. In 2010 a fully conveyorised CED Coating Plant with oven was supplied to M/s. Carrier Wheels, Shamli. In 2011 a CED Coating Plant with oven of 62,000 Litres volume was supplied to DTL Ancillaries Limited, Pune. In the year 2009, CNC Plasma Profile cutting machine was developed and was supplied to Guru Nanak Industries Private Limited, Rajpura, Continental Engineering Works, Mohali and Jost India, Jamshedpur. Coatec India has the unique capability to supply all the three profile cutting technologies under the same roof - namely, Plasma, Waterjet & Oxy-Fuel. In 2012, we have come up with Solar Energy Systems that includes supply of Photovoltaic and Thermal requirements. In 2012 a CED Coating Plant of 62,000 Litres volume was supplied to DTL Ancillaries Limited, Pune and in 2013, Coatec supplied its most sophisticated CED coating line to Grundfos Pumps India Limited, Chennai.

In 2016 Coatec India export complete CED coating system to Denmark. Coatec India is one of the best global Epoxy Cathodic Electro Deposited Coating systems manufacturer in the SME segment, providing variety of coating solutions/equipment's namely CED Coating, Liquid spray painting, Rubber to Metal bonding, Glide Coating, Zinc Flake Coating, Powder coating and Teflon Coating to a wide variety of customers in India and abroad.