Polyamide (Glide) Coating

Coatec India supplies Glide coating systems for variety of applications.

  • Glide Coating is a generic name for Polyamide Coating.
  • It is a friction minimizing coating and offers resistance to galling.
  • Categories: Fluidized bed and Powder spray.
  • Applications like Gear Shifting Fork & Spline Shafts.
  • The component is cleaned for all traces of oil and rust.
  • If necessary, it is sand / shot blasted or given zinc phosphate pre-treatment.
  • It is spray coated with an adhesive primer and baked.
  • The component is mounted on a PLC controlled dip coating system, which can be programmed for speed and different time intervals.
  • The coating equipment dips the component into the coating bath and holds it there for a preset time.
  • It then takes out the component and again holds it for a second preset time interval.
  • The component is again dipped for a second time to achieve proper coating thickness and subsequently cured.